All About Health Benefits of Playing Drums

You want to improve your body’s immune system and keep it fit. Learning a musical instrument like a drum kit can work for you more than making harmony. Music excites and calms listeners and performers.



The percussion groups perform regular drum kit tuning to ensure the best performance during concerts and learning sessions. You could also make it a hobby if you do not want to make it a career.


But you might not know drumming can bring many health benefits besides playing a pleasing sound. Several shreds of evidence show drumming can positively affect your health and develop your general well-being, keeping you more active.


You can learn many drum types and practice, ranging from tom-toms to full-piece drum kits. Beating the drums and producing a sound or combination of percussion sounds leaves therapeutic effects on your body. Playing drums requires the coordination of gross motor and fine motor skills. It also entails listening ability, mental speed, and competency in automating movements.


Playing the drum releases the hormones associated with well-being, relieving stress, and feeling happy. Regardless of the drum type you use, your brain goes in a meditative mode with hands and feet motions. Mediation offers mental relaxation, controlled thoughts, and a calm mind.


Drumming allows your body to release blockages, emotional trauma, and negative feelings. Several studies have also confirmed the effectiveness of drumming in the treatment of aggression, anxiety, and PTSD symptoms.


Your brain first gets affected when you learn drumming. It gets ready to do something new and challenging. Therefore, playing drums is an effective activity for your brain as you also use your hands and legs, which helps strengthen the connection between the brain and other body parts.


Research reveals that drumming works as an interactive practice to help people with neurological disorders like autism, dementia, ADHD, and others have the best use of their intellects.